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Friday, December 21, 2012

New products for 2013 ~ The Heirloom Collection

For the love of all things romantic and sentimental, I have an extraordinary announcement to make.
Imagine for a moment, you're thinking back to your wedding day, looking at your album and reliving those moments. Why not take it a step further.

The perfume she wore, the lace from her dress, the ground you stood on a flower petal from your big day, salty sand from your honeymoon. All lovingly collected and stored in one beautiful heirloom. Year after year, love notes written to each other on the softest of Loktah paper. And your favorite images of the two of you on the day you pledged your bond wrapped in cloth and leather and sealed with a kiss.

Immediately I am offering a new luxury product line that every bride and groom will covet. Three matching options that will showcase your wedding memories and where you can save momentos from your life as you grow together. Something that I am proud to offer to my clients that matches my belief that lifelong pieces of art should be passed on to the next generations.

Introducing the Heirloom Collection.

Solid, hand crafted, walnut, Amish made box. This is something you will want to showcase in your home like fine art. Not an album to collect dust on a shelf but something to cherish and display.

Inside you will find a few treasures. 

Sheets of the softest Loktah paper and envelopes- for loves notes, moments to remember or wishes for the future.  

A gorgeous leather wrap, with a WWII era metal button clasp. Folded around your favorite wedding photos, protected by a beautiful piece of fabric.

6 small vials to save those keepsake objects from your wedding day. 

Perhaps the Nostalgia Box would be better suited for your children. Write words of encouragement to your child on his first day of school. Save a single thread the size of his wrist on the day he was born. A locket of hair, a first lost tooth. The Ultimate Baby Memory Box!

As a companion to the Nostalgia Box, I am also offering the Unbound Album for those who wish to have more of the traditional album style, storybook layout for their photos.

Again, wrapped in fine cloth and genuine leather, you will find fine art storybook spreads, showcasing your favorite wedding or photo session images. These spreads are custom designed and printed by professional photo labs on the highest quality papers.

Why "Unbound" you ask? Again, your wedding photos are meant to be displayed and showcased in a beautiful and unique way, not stored on a shelf to collect dust. Along with the Unbound Album, comes a matching frame to house your album spreads- to be changed with the season or your mood. A forever reminder of your beautiful wedding to adorn the walls of your home.
Made with the same attention to detail, hand crafted and built to last a lifetime or more.

Of course, options are available- all products come in 4 beautiful finishes to match your personal style. 

I am offering the Heirloom line to any of my clients, past, present and future as an a la carte item as well as included in some of my wedding and photo session packages. 

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