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Thursday, November 1, 2012

AHP 52 Week Photo Challenge ~ Week 45

This morning I panicked! I realized it was Thursday and I thought I had forgotten to post a photo for last weeks theme! I logged into my blog to see what the theme was because I couldn't even remember--I'm LOSING MY MIND! :-) Well much to my surprise the WORK theme from last week was done days ago! Phew!! I was on top of things...for once :-)

So the reason this week has been crazy:
1) Hurricane Sandy. We never lost power but the anticipation of whatever possibilities the weather man predicted on top of the heart wrenching news and photos coming out of the hard struck areas were just too much for me to bear! 
2) Halloween. Ugh my LEAST favorite "holiday". It's super cute to dress the kids up in costumes and go see their school parades. But the candy and the begging for candy, and the eating of candy and the sugar high from candy- yea I can do without!!
2) We adopted a new dog!!! I haven't had a chance to take any photos of her yet (we've only had her for two days) and she's still getting used to her new digs, her new siblings (both human and k-9). But believe me- photos will come...soon!!

So let's begin a new week- hopefully a less stressful week for everyone. 

The AHP 52 week photo challenge theme for week 45 is:


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