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Friday, October 26, 2012

The Cable Family Photos ~ Upstate New York Fall Family Photography

Lynne and I connected via Facebook a few weeks ago and at the time we didn't 'think' we knew each other. She booked a session and the planning process begun. We found a fabulous new place to shoot, she planned the outfits for her family and we watched the weather....all the normal stuff.

After the session we started chatting more about the who's-who in our area and it turns out that we are actually very closely connected and have many mutual friends from many years ago to the present. It's such a small world- I don't know if it's facebook that does this, or just the fact that I have the opportunity to meet so many people doing my job. But every time connections like these pop up I'm still surprised! 

So back to this location- breathtaking. That is all. Lynne drives by this barn regularly and thought it was the perfect place for a photo session- she was right! Despite the LAKE of water around the barn due to the rain shower that passed through earlier that day, it was just perfection. Her family is adorable- even the dogs made a cameo! 

Thanks to Lynne for introducing me to this great location and to her family for being wonderful! I had a great time during your session!!

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