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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Mike and Alison~ Thacher Park Engagement Photography

When Mike and Alison first contacted me about booking their wedding, they lived in Rhode Island and I was away on one of my many summer get-aways to Brant Lake. We were anxious to speak though, so we hopped on FaceTime (how techie!!!) to chat about their details and what they were looking for in a photographer. I immediately got excited when I heard them describe their wedding venue--more to come on that little detail June 2013!!! It was all smooth sailing after that- we clicked, they booked and the rest is history!!

The first time I met Mike and Alison "IRL" (that's "in real life" to you non cyber geeks out there) was at their engagement session in Thacher Park. They said they were outdoorsy people and wanted some place beautiful in nature for their engagement session. It was scheduled for Columbus Day weekend, just about peak fall foliage time up here in NY, so where else to go but the best leaf peeping spot--
Thacher Park!!

It was a bit chilly so we had to work fast, but we quickly became comfortable and got into a groove. It's easy when you have a fun, cute, outgoing couple in love--
the camera just eats it up!!

So we started at the Outlook area of the park-- 
I just love the view, that big tree and the stone wall so I knew we had to include those elements.

Then we hopped in our cars and drove up the road to the Indian Ladder Trail head. 
I LOVE that stair case and the mossy rock!!

And then we hit the jackpot with this secluded little area with bright gorgeous leaves


Can I just say, that this next shot is not only my favorite from their session, but is possibly one of my all time favorite shots ever! I love when I catch couples looking at each other and they're just IN the moment- this is the stuff I live for

Alison and Mike, it was a pleasure to finally meet you. I've been told you were "good folk" and that's certainly the truth. You guys rocked your session and I can NOT wait for your wedding in June!!! Thanks for coming up to NY to spend the morning with me :-)

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