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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Mary Kay Makeover Party ~ Portrait Photography Albany New York

I was approached by a friend of mine with an idea to shoot before and after photos at a Mary Kay Makeover event. She would invite her friends, serve yummy snacks, walk them through the Mary Kay product line, invite a hair stylist and I would take photos of them. Like a girls day out with photo keepsakes!

The event turned out to be quite successful! We had many women show, and let's just say, each and every transformation was striking. These were beautiful women, before and after the makeover. But, once they were all done up, their hair and makeup was complete, they seemed to come alive a little bit more. They gave me some great sassy attitude, the felt beautiful and it showed through my camera. Just some slight enhancement, a little direction from me, they all turned into super models!!

Take a look at these remarkable before and after shots!

Awesome job ladies-- you're all so beautiful and I  had a great time working with you all!

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