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Sunday, September 30, 2012

AHP 52 Week Photo Challenge ~ Week 40

On the road on Friday, driving to Poughkeepsie, I was going through my mental "to do" list. 
#769: Write Blog post for the Photo Challenge.....
I'm just losing my mind! Autumn is peak wedding season, busy family portrait season and the season I go loopy! :-)

Well last week's theme, "The Last Thing you Bought" was fun!! Here's my shot of the farmers market bounty...beautiful juicing veg :-)

It may just be me but I can't find my photo on facebook for last week. When I click on the 52 week photo challenge album, I only see some of the images I've posted. This concerns me. That may mean you all can't find the image either and can't post your images in the comments boxes below mine.

I need feeback----
Can you see my image from last week? 
Can you see ALL the images I've posted so far in that album?
Is the new Facebook format going to make this challenge impossible? 
We may have to start something new.....Instagram? 

Let me know what you think and we'll proceed. In the mean time...

The theme for the AHP 52 Week Photo Challenge is:


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