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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Brant Lake, New York Child Photography- Just Because Session

Some people dance in the sun but watching her, I think she dances WITH it. 

She is wild, carefree, spirited, and from the day she was born I knew she ran deep. She has an old soul and an inquisitive, calculating mind. 

When other babies her age were giving their mother's belly laughs, coos and squeals of joy, she was stone cold serious. I could stand on my head with a monkey suit on and she wouldn't even crack a smile. She could look into my eyes - piercing through me - analyzing me. And that way we would communicate. 

She is stubborn and set in her routine. 
Untamable. Uninhibited.  

I'm pretty sure she could remember the pattern of the wall paper of the hospital room she was born in- her attention to detail and memory is unlike I've ever experienced. 

 But give her an ice cream cone and promise a trip to a play ground, she will apease her mother and give me one hour to capture her tiny little body as she readies herself for preschool. Yes my "Munchy" is going to school for the first time in a few short weeks.

Looking at these photos myself, I can barely believe she's old enough to go to school- I can't even believe she's old enough to be that person in these images. In these photos I can see her small newborn face, her eyes are the same. But again, in these photos I can glimpse her adulthood.

And though she told me today that "Mother Nature is my school" I think she will be a rockstar in's just preschool.

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Jessica said...

I lOVE the 6th picture down, where she is looking at you from the side. Great shoot!