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Thursday, August 2, 2012

AHP 52 Week Photo Challenge ~ Week 32

I'm kind of over the moon about this next theme--
and I know a few other people in our little challenge family that will also be stoked!

hold up...



Oh yea- last week's recap!!! I was so excited I almost forgot!!
Last week's theme was "Summertime Bliss" . When I picked the theme I had visions of my free-spirited children, squealing with delight, running through the sprinkler. Or with their messy hair blowing in the breeze on the boat. But that's THEIR bliss. Sure it's cute and important, but I wanted to capture something that brought me back to MY childhood "summertime bliss".

I have memories of watermelon seed spitting contests, watermelon toss games in the lake, I ALWAYS picked out the watermelon balls out of the fruit salad and left the mushy brown banana slices for someone else (perhaps that's why my sister doesn't like banana??!!) And...I must add, in the past two months my child has eaten at least 4 times her weight in watermelon and pretty much nothing else!


Fast forward....

The AHP 52 Week Photo Challenge theme for Week 31 is-


okokok---I don't usually give instructions or make rules but this is what I have in mind....
Think of a song, a line of a song and then interpret it in photo form. I dont want to see photos OF words, I want to see images that represent the words. Please include your lyrics in the photo caption so we can all see the connection! However, if you decide to go in a different direction- feel free!
No rules, just fun!

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