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Thursday, July 19, 2012

AHP 52 Week Photo Challenge - Week 30

I cheated last week...shhhh don't tell anyone!!
 Well, not really cheating but I didn't use my "real" camera for last week's BEDSIDE theme. 

On any night of the week you may find me in bed next to a glass of wine, magazines, a remote, my computer and my phone. So there I was, sitting in bed watching my all time favorite reality TV show, Big Brother!!!! I looked over and saw all the elements I wanted in my photo. My camera, however was no where near me, but my phone was! 
So that was it...I took my photo with my phone. I even "Instagramed" it...and for those of you on Instagram follow me amyhedges !! 
I feel like I cheated but honestly I love some of the photos I take with my phone. I feel like I'm able to be 100% creative with my phone and not worry about focus, exposure, color balance's all about the idea, it's all about the creative image. So from here on out I may use my phone from time to time to capture my weekly photo...I dare ya'll to guess which camera I use---oooo that would be fun!! :-)

Next week the AHP 52 Week Photo Challenge Theme is 

aaaah yesssss....this should be good :-)

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