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Thursday, May 17, 2012

A. Hedges Photography Wedding Blog Series ~ Pt 4 ~ Floral Decorations and Hair and Makeup Styling

We're doing a double whammy toady- floral decor AND hair and makeup styling. Get ready folks there's some great information coming your way!!

Karen Splendido of Splendid Stems is one amazing person I have not had the pleasure of working with yet. We have a mutual friend who introduced us at another event and we hit it off. She graciously accepted my invitation to participate in my blog series. I asked Karen to give some advice to newly engaged couples who are starting to think about the floral decorations, centerpieces and bouquets.

Q: What are some popular trends in floral decor now?
A: "Lush, free form arrangements that allow the eye to roam, loads of texture. Also, trying to compliment to setting you are in , rather than compete with it. For example, if you are having your reception in a fancy ballroom, you should probably take a pass on the sunflowers and tin water cans."

Q: What are some trends that are fading?
A: "Hopefully bling inserted into roses or orchids, It really takes away from the natural beauty of a flower. Adding adornments to the handle is still big though. Also tightly packed arrangements and bouquets, and corsages."

Q: What is a great way for brides to get their ideas across to you?  And how do you help in the planning process when it comes to creating a floral plan that matches the wedding style?
A: "Photos, Pinterst, emails, are a great tools to show me what they love and to get a sense of their style. I love looking at personal pictures of the couple too to see what their everyday style is too. 
Also, showing me things in which they hate are equally important. I will often do a walk through with a couple to see their vision - even if I have worked in the space multiple times, no two weddings should alike."

Q: What are some basic tips for couples planning their wedding?
A: "To try and relax, ask for help when you need it. Be comfortable with your budget"

Q: Why is it important to hire a professional?
A: "So you can relax, and trust your vendors to do what they do best."

Q: Would you say you have a particular style? How would you describe that style?
A: "I think my signature style is a combo of old world and modern. I love to mix the exotics with the traditional,for example orchids and peonies. I love to use a variety of textures to create movement through out the design."

Q: Explain the process from inquiry through booking (meetings? portfolio reviews? phone calls? emails? etc)
A: "I will typically receive an email or phone call to set up a consultation, this can be done in person, email, skype or phone. I try to make this a casual comfortable experience so the couple and I can get to know each other to see if we are on the same page. "

Q: How do you deal with budget constraints?
A: "Budgets are always a challenge. There is a lot of misinformation on wedding websites regarding the cost of flowers, they often do not take into consideration the amount of time spent planning and executing wedding flowers . I am always willing to make revisions within reason to make everyone comfortable, and to achieve the look they are after."

Now moving on to another very important aspect of the day, styling!! Sarah McDonald of LiBella Salon and Flawless Hair and Faces, located at 100 Main Street,in Altamont, is actually my very own personal hair stylist and we have worked together on many occasions for both weddings and my Just Because sessions. She is a big part of making my beautiful brides perfection on their big day. You can view some of her handy work in my photos HERE, and HERE.

Q: Talk about the process from inquiry to booking, including meetings, emails, phone calls, trials etc.
A: Usually when a bride gets my contact info they will call to set up an initial trial or just to discuss pricing to see if we are a good match. I give all my brides my email, cell phone number, and salon number. Depending on the bride, we usually set up a trial 3-6 months before the wedding date. Any more than that and I have noticed the bride will change her mind, which she’ll end up getting another trial, which means more $$. At the end of the trial I like to discuss the number of attendees that might be interested in getting their hair done. Location for getting ready. Start time of the wedding. Whether or not makeup is needed. That way I can figure out what time I need to start getting everyone ready, the order ( bride is usually the last one to get finished) and also how many additional hair stylists or assistants I will need. I also take a minimum deposit of $50. This holds the date of the wedding and the credit is applied to the balance the day of. I like to have a final head count of the total number of people getting hair and makeup done at least a month before the wedding. 

Q: What are the pros and cons to having hair and makeup done in the salon vs on location?
A: There are pros and cons to both. It also depends what the location site has to offer. In the salon there is absolutely everything I could ever possibly need to do both hair and makeup. However, I can never guarantee that the bridal party would be the only people their getting their hair and makeup done that day. Another positive is having the nail technician on hand if anyone needs a last minute polish change, etc. On location as long as I have adequate electrical outlets and a table with a chair I can pretty much pack up just about everything I need. The ambience is nice having family and friends all together for the big day. Usually all the girls are hanging out waiting their turns reminiscing about good memories while sipping on mimosa’s and maybe having a snack or two to quell the hunger pangs. As hair and makeup is finalized the clients can get dressed. My favorite locations are usually right at the venue because the bridal party seems to be more relaxed. I think a big fear is being late.

Q: Do you recommend engagement session hair and makeup? Would that be considered a trial or is that a separate appointment?
A: I always recommend hair and makeup for any photo session, with maybe the exception of family pictures. As a hairstylist/makeup artist I pride myself on being able to do others hair and makeup better then they can. Also hair and makeup for photography are totally different than for every day. Flyways are easily seen from hair and makeup always looks lighter in photographs. These pictures are forever. Beside the obvious, dress, cake, good food, hair and makeup and an excellent photographer are right up there with the most important. 

Q: Trends in hair and makeup- what's hot what's not?
A: Trends are important, but personal style is the most important. I encourage everyone to look like the best version of themselves.  So sexy Victoria Secret style curls aren’t going to work for everyone. Things that are hot right now though are almost like effortless upswept hair, beach waves, or loose curls. Simple is sometimes the most beautiful. On a side note. Things not to not drastically change your hair color or cut, or texture!! I typically tell brides to ask their parents, husband, best friends “ When you think of me walking down the aisle, how do you envision how I’ll look”.  You’ll be surprised at what they say. They are not thinking in celebrity terms...they are thinking of you and the things that make you you. Like beautiful naturally curly hair etc. 

Q: What would you say is your style?
A: When it comes to bridal, I personally love big sexy loosely curled hair . As far as makeup I love natural glowing skin, big bright sexy eyes ( with a few eyelashes added, you never can have too many) 

Q: Tips to keep in mind (ie the wedding timeline, the number of girls getting ready, paying per person or by the hour or by the wedding etc)
A: Unfortunately the bride sometimes gets stressed out because they have to keep the rest of the bridal party on track. Getting a answer from everyone of hair and makeup sometimes takes too long. With the expenses they already incurred with their dress, travel, hotel rooms, etc. sometimes people wait to the last minute to decide. You have to set a date that everyone needs to make up their mind. Or some brides have actually paid for everyone's hair and makeup or at least hair (depending on their budget) and has given that as their gift. 

Q: How is wedding day hair and makeup different than every day hair and makeup?
A: I use way more products and professional products to make sure that the hair not only looks great, but it lasts all day long! That’s the most important is longevity. Especially when we are looking at July/August weddings...humidity is something you don’t want to mess with.

Q: Why is hiring a professional so important?
A: A true professional is there to make sure everyone is happy with their hair and makeup. They are there to make the day go smoother not to stress anyone out. 

(and yes, she does my hair as well!!!) 

To contact Sarah, email her at or call at 518-861-3100 

And for more advice on floral decor check back on Friday when Martin Dodge from Drops of Jupiter Floral Studio tells us about he can transform a dinning room into a fairytale forest! 

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