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Friday, May 11, 2012

In My Own Words - Follow your heart Friday

I turned down a job yesterday. a BIG job. High profile, good money, possible repeat customer with good potential for word of mouth referrals. 

CRAY CRAY right??


I feel like a huge part of what makes my business successful and unique is the relationships I build with my clients, their families and friends. 


I'm not Sears. You don't walk in to my place, sit on a box and say "cheese". I create an experience for you before, during and after your session. We create a vision, make a plan. I take the time to create, process and deliver perfect images that you will want to cherish forever. 

I want to create THOSE amazing images, not images someone doesn't want to take, or those someone HAS to take. 

I have a style- if you like it let's rock, if you don't....well then go to the portrait studio and get your disc of images for $25 with 8 free 8x10's, 75 wallets and an album....

So this job I (in their eyes) backed out of...a quickie..."need it yesterday" type job. Unsure if I would ever get paid at all. No time to discuss the details (where the session is going to take place, who would be in the photos etc). The timeline...unrealistic to say the least. The expectations, through the roof and would make my current clients suffer. BAM- make my current clients suffer.

So today I made a decision. Three days after I agreed to this (less than one week prior to the session itself) I said "No".
 I was so worked up and anxious about this job- it had to stop. I gave up a paycheck for my own piece of mind. My business is that important to me- I don't need any negativity involved. I love what I do SO much that I will not tolerate anything less than a perfect experience for myself and my clients. The money is obviously not the deciding factor. I'd rather wait for my next appreciative client than take cold money from an un-please-able person. I'm not a sales person, I'm not a politician, I don't wheel and deal. If you want to work with me then you want to work with me. If I'm just another schmo with a camera- we're probably not a good match.

I LOVE my clients so much. I've had so many blessed experiences and I have so many good memories. Let's keep it that way. I want experiences, relationships. If it feels bad, I'll have to I'm learning to say no.

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