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Thursday, April 12, 2012

AHP 52 Week Challenge ~ Week 16

If you aren't in the habit of checking out past weeks galleries, I would suggest you do this week. I got TONS of submissions this week for weeks past. People who fell behind got back in the game-- it was so exciting! Here's the link to the whole 52 week Challenge Album.

But if you're just interested in looking at the most recent submissions click on the COLOR album! Some people enjoyed this theme so much they submitted more than one photo- and that's TOTALLY ok! Any week you feel moved to submit multiple photos feel free!!

We're up to week 16 and I'm feeling like getting a bit technical. This theme may be a little advanced for some, so if you find it too difficult you can absolutely interpret this theme in anyway you'd like in order to make it work for you. However, if you'd like some extra help in making this theme successful for you please feel free to ask questions!

In fact, on my facebook page, I now have a Forum area and I invite any and all of you to utilize this area to ask me questions, chat with each other, talk about photography- anything you'd like. Feel free to start topics - no need to wait for me to lead! The forum would be the perfect place to talk about the photo challenge theme each week if you're having trouble with ideas or are looking for extra help or inspiration.

The AHP 52 Week Photo Challenge Theme for Week 16 is : Silhouette

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