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Thursday, January 12, 2012

AHP 52 Week Photo Challenge ~ Week 3

Welcome to week 3 and thanks for sticking around- things are just starting to get good!

I have seen some extremely creative submissions for the week one, "Self Portrait" theme as well as the week two, "Food" theme. It's so much fun for me to see ideas turned into photographs...the thought process...the creative's fascinating! 

At first I thought the first two weeks were pretty straight forward, dare I say easy??!! But I was proven wrong, not only by people's comments but also with how the themes challenged me! My reasoning for week 3's theme was to step up the game. Make things a more challenging, perhaps a bit more photographically technical...I may end up kicking myself!

So without further adieu...AHP 52 Week Photo Challenge ~ WEEK 3 ~ "Black and White"!! 

So, at first glance this theme seems simple, and it can be if you want it to be- any photo can be converted to black and white, right??? Well not really, no. NOT every photo looks great in black and white. So while this can be a simple theme, use it as a learning technique (if you'd like). Create an image that TRULY looks good black and white, as if it were meant to be! Try to see why some photos look good desaturated while others excel in vibrant full color.

Here are a few that I think were MEANT for black and white processing...

Big, bold, high impact...not much more to say. Another way black and white processing works is to force the viewer to focus on what the photographer wants them to see. Sometimes converting a photo to black and white can reduce the impact of a distracting or busy background. Or black & white processing can obviously hide a bold color that takes away from the focal point.

And here's a perfect example of a photo that I think works better in color....

I feel that details in the b&w version are lost...but in the color version everything adds to the feel of the photo. Just my two cents...

Or you can ignore all that and just snap a pic, convert to b&w and be done with's your challenge after all!!

See ya next week ;-)

PS: I will post my photo by Sunday night or Monday morning. Post the link to your submission underneath my week 3 photo in the comments box. Be sure your album is set to public so everyone else can view your work!

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