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Sunday, January 1, 2012

AHP 52 Week Challenge ~ Week One

Happy New Year!! I spent New Years Even in choice! I watched a movie with my kiddos, ate popcorn, got to spend the evening with my hubby and went to bed at 12:16.
It was perfect!

One year I had this crazy idea- I started a 2 year long project! I'm not sure if I've ever been able to commit to one project for more than a few days so this was huge for me. I wrote down something I loved about my husband EVERY DAY for an entire year. He had no idea I was doing it so on the following New Years Eve I was able to surprise him with a stack of small pieces of paper all wrapped up in a bow! The NEXT year he read one piece of paper every day for a year.....ok I can hear ya'll "AWWWW-ing" but in all seriousness it was fun!

So in a similar fashion I wanted to do something photo-related. Now, I'm busy. There's NO WAY I can do a 365-day photo challenge, but a 52 WEEK challenge- that's do-able!

I ask you to join me! Every week, announced on THURSDAY, there will be a theme. Take that theme and run with it. Load that photo to your Facebook page, Flikr, Photobucket etc in a designated album called "AHP 52 Week Challenge" and share a link to your photo on my facebook page every week so everyone else can see what you did with the theme!
This process may evolve as I find better ways of coordinating this (if you have suggestions let me know)! There may be prizes even!! But it's really more for you to be creative, challenged, inspired and share your work! Check out others work too- leave them comments, support each other, have fun!

So who's with me...who's ready for a challenge? Week one starts....


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