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Monday, September 12, 2011

Worst Photo Makeover contest!!!

As you may well know, a few weeks ago I hosted a Bad Photo Makeover Contest on my facebook page. A first and second place winner was chosen and I'm SO excited to show you the results!! 
This first session I'm sharing with you is actually the second place winner, Lisa. For those of you who don't remember, here is her entry photo:

Lisa has been a "fan" of my facebook page for a while now and I have worked with her before on various projects. She has a family session scheduled with me in a few weeks but wanted this session to be all about HER!! She worked VERY hard to get votes in order to win this contest- so hard, in fact, that it was because of her effort I decided at the last minute to even offer a second place prize! She also worked just as hard, if not harder, on putting the details of her session together. Every last detail from the hair style, (courtesy of the amazing Brittany) to the pantyhose, to the great vintage Chevy pick up. She wanted this session to be perfect...and it was!! Even her 13 year old son, Steven, got in on the action and played a role. It was as cute as can be and he told his mom he had a great time in front of the camera...seriously, he did!!

I LOVE each and every one of these images!! It makes my job so much more exciting when the client gets as "into" a session as I do! The results speak for themselves....

First, I grabbed a little inspiration at her house while Brittany prepared Lisa.

Then we headed out to the location...PERFECT!

Behind the scenes...Brittany helping me set up the next shot of my favorites from the whole day!!!

Then we let Steven go dirt biking and the rest of the session was focused only on Lisa. She did such an fantastic job getting into "character", taking direction and having fun!

Before we sent the truck on it's way, borrowed from Lisa's very generous neighbor, we all got a chance in front of the camera...

We finished up the session in the field without the truck and we used some of the props I snagged when we were back at Lisa's house. Her home was filled with awesome antiques and collectables and I was in heaven!! 

And I'll leave you with my absolute, 100%, hands down, swear on all things great- my favorite photo of the day...perhaps ever...I LOVE everything about it!!

I never imagined that holding this contest would inspire such an incredible session. I can't wait to see what Vanessa, the first place winner, and I come up with!
Thank you Lisa for your hard work - I hope you are as thrilled with your images as I am. And I will see you again soon for your family session in a few weeks!!

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Jessica said...

It is RIDICULOUS how awesome theses photos are. I can't say it enough Amy, you are AMAZING! I really love the last shot too, her eyelashes really stand out, it's just gorgeous.