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Monday, September 19, 2011

Eli and Kateri~ Wedding Photography~ Albany, New York

Igneous rock, derived from the Latin word igneus meaning of fire, is formed through the cooling and solidification of lava. So what do you get when you combine two people with passions for geology and firematics? A perfect balance of hot and cold, solid and stable, and wild and unpredictable. I give you Kateri and Eli, childhood sweethearts, a gorgeous couple, now with a strong loving marriage.  (And check out their steamy engagement session HERE!)

A special surprise sent over from Eli- how unbelievably sweet!

Just beautiful!!

Her dress had this gorgeous, sheer shawl- it was stunning!

And a quick ride over to the church to meet with the guys before the ceremony. Eli was totally calm and cool!

We had just a few quick moments outside of the church before the sun went down and we took total advantage of it! Gorgeous warm sunset light!

The reception was at Birch Hill and they put on a fantastic party!

A choreographed first dance....very elegant. They danced the Foxtrot- I was so impressed!

And FIREWORKS!!! Seriously the best surprise ever. I always get teary eyed during fireworks and this was no exception. I bet I looked ridiculous...crawling around in the grass, getting the shots, all choked up- what a site!

Welcome home from Disney, Eli and Kateri!!

Venue: Birch Hill

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Anonymous said...

Absolutely beautiful pictures. Made me tear up looking at them. ;-) Awesome job Amy.