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Monday, July 25, 2011

Naomi ~ Newborn Photography

Again, I apologize to everyone else for editing my sessions out of order, but I'm sure that Tim and Orah will not mind in the least! You see, I'm away from home and I thought I left all my work there (I thought I was going to have to take a forced vacation from editing). But I happend to find a memory card with all the images from this newborn session I did last week! YAY I get to do some work!! Anyone who knows me will vouch that I'm being totally serious and not sarcastic at all...I really do love working!

You'll also notice a different watermark than I typically use, again it's simply because I'm away from most of my files including my logo file. So no, I'm not changing my logo again :-)

This session was typical- WIDE awake baby for much of the time and finally, at the very end, we got her to sleep (for a while just before she woke right up again). There was lots of feeding, diaper changing, rocking, time and patience...that's the key to a newborn session!! 

ooop- there's a yawn- she's getting sleepy!

And another yawn but still hanging in there!

Here are a few outtakes I took while we were attempting to get Naomi to sleep

ahhhhhhhh yes- she's finally out like a light!

And being so patient totally paid off. We got amazing shots like this one:

And this next one which was very special to them because Naomi's daddy is a firefighter. This may be one of my favorite shots of all time- little baby in the fire hat!

A few more sleeping baby shots and some great stuff of the new family of three in some nice natural window light.

Then we went for one more posed sleeping baby shot and she decided her modeling debut was over. She did a great job though don't you think??

Welcome to the world baby Naomi! :-)

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