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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Sara~ Maternity Session

Sara and I first met in...7th grade I think it was and our lives have kind of followed a parallel path even if those paths were quite far apart at times. She doesn't live locally any longer but still comes to visit her family from time to time and we always try to get together. We both have children now about the same age and she's expecting her second in August!!

She came to town one last time before the baby arrives and we had a play-date with the kids. We figured it would be the perfect time to do a few maternity photos too! And it was the first time I did a session in the new house so I was very excited to see how things went.

You tell me what you think ;-)

First I have to back up a bit. This is actually the THIRD time Sara and I have done a photo session. Last fall with her husband and son if you remember...

And then YEARS ago, Sara and I did our own little fashion show shoot. SO embarrassing and hysterical. We had about 10 different outfits and thought we were super's a "then and now" shot. I'm 100% certain I'm a better photographer and we're both much more attractive today than we were 15+ years ago! But seriously, look at those pants!! What were we thinking???

We started inside while my father watched the three kiddos- we're smart enough to know that there would be no way we'd be able to get a session done with three small children running around so we called him in for reinforcement!
Right from the very first shot, I knew this was going to be an easy job!

And they just got better from there...

I wasn't so sure about the next set up- I didn't think I liked the shadows the windows were making. But I don't know- I think it actually looks pretty nice!

We then corralled Sara's son to try to get him in some of the shots. He wasn't too interested in leaving his friends but we were able to catch a few very cute moments!

And after freeing Jack to go back to play with Sydney and my father we finished up with a few more of Sara by herself. I must say she is a beautiful person regardless, but she makes a gorgeous pregnant lady!! 

Can't wait to meet the new addition to your family, Sara!! Best wishes!!


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