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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Best Friends

If I've ever heard of a reason to do a Just Because session this is it! Two best friends just wanting to do something fun together!
I've known Karla for quite a few years now. We first met when we both worked as Nutritionists in the dark dungeon of a WIC office at WMY Health Center! We've stayed in touch since I left and I will be shooting her wedding coming up soon in August. 
Karla contacted me to do a fun session with just her and her best friend Barshar. They thought it would be nice to hold their session at RPI where they also work together. So we met up on Sunday, praying the rain would hold off (seems that's all I'm doing these days) and had a little fun!

Pretty sure B. found his calling - I feel like he was born to do sessions like this!

And Karla seemed to enjoy it as well, if I do say so myself

These next two on the fire escape were my favorite of the whole session- very rock n roll!

Thanks guys for a fun time- and see you again in August! Can't wait for your wedding Karla!

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