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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

my promise to you

I know Tuesday's Toot is supposed to be pretty much non- photo related, but I feel strongly about something and I want to write about it- and it's my blog so.... :-) Since I don't really have the opportunity to blog all that often, I'm going to go against my no photo blog rule for this week.

I want to make something cryst-TAL clear. 

When you book a photo shoot with me, whether its your wedding, your newborn baby, your family in the park or a Just Because shoot, I make a few promises in that agreement. You get from me a little bit more than an hour or two or 15 with me and my camera.

Before your shoot, I promise:
- to put you at ease in anyway I can. That could be through phone calls or countless email responses to any and all questions and concerns you may have. I check my email a million times a day and always do my best to be no further than a keyboard away.

During your shoot, I promise:
-again- to put you at ease. I like to run my photoshoots in a very casual manner. It's HARD to get in front of the camera- I know that. I will talk to you, ask you questions, tell you about myself, tell stupid jokes...anything I have to do to make you feel comfortable.
- to give you 130% of me. When I am shooting I am THERE with you shooting. I can't say this about many things, but when I'm working nothing else is happening with me. I am looking for the best light, the best expression, the best interaction, the best background. I take my time, I shoot a LOT, I get creative and try new things, I don't stop shooting until I have LOTS of amazing material to offer you.

After your shoot I promise:
- to give you a sneak peek RIGHT away. If not within a few hours of your shoot, definitely within a day. I can email you my favorite photo, I can post a sample on my blog or facebook page, you can return to my house to view the photos if you wish. I don't want you to sit on pins and needles worrying about your shoot. I want you to feel confident I was getting the "awesome" stuff I said I was getting. I won't lie to you- I'll tell you when we nailed it and I'll show you right away!

Because of these promises, let me tell you what I will not....

I will not compromise my time....

-I don't like to rush, so if time is precious I would rather get one photo....ONE FABULOUS photo and call it a day instead of rush to get 20 so-so photos.

I will not compromise me or my style...

-I don't care if your wedding is at a swanky restaurant, a fancy country club, a bowling ally, a hotel banquet hall, a church basement, a backyard or a remote tropical island. I will shoot your wedding as if it were the most fabulous wedding I've ever been to. You put so much time and effort into your day- I will put just as much effort into photographing it.

I will not compromise my prices....

-My package prices include photography, products, time, talent, equipment, sweat and feet blisters :-) You are hiring me because you like me, my style, my reputation. I work because I love photography, I love weddings. I get paid because I work hard, I offer quality and I'm me. 

-At any given wedding you may see me tying bows on reception chairs, pinning a hem, bringing the bridal party coffee and bagels, putting clear nail polish on a run in someones stockings, handing a tissue to the mother of the groom, pulling a lighter from my pocket because the unity candle blew out during the ceremony, turning up the music in the bridal suite to get the party started, ordering a pizza at the end of the night because the bride and groom didn't eat enough and are starving, slinking back into the corner and photographing the unseen, precious moments of the day. 

-During any given photo shoot you may see me, playing with your children, rocking your baby, bringing surprise props, fixing the fly-away hairs in your face and making sure your fly is zipped!! I won't let you hold a pose that is obviously uncomfortable. I will try my best to remove a chin or two just by moving your position and I will ask you to do things that may not make sense, but will make you look fabulous and natural and amazing.

So yes, compare prices, compare photographers, compare packages. Do what you need to do. But please, choose your photographer based on who clicks with you, on their photos, on their reputation. And I'm NOT saying that's always me-  but the bottom line, isn't always the bottom line. But just remember my promises to you.

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