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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Daddy's little girl

Photographing children and babies is not easy. Temper tantrums, feedings, diaper changes...any number of things can make a sweet precious baby into a less than perfect subject. This was so NOT the case with Lauren...she is at the perfect age- she is awake to the world with a fabulous personality, she can sit up and interact with the camera ... but not mobile enough yet to run away  :-)
She was just hamming it up for the camera - talking, smiling--just too cute for words!

This session was another one of those special sessions just for one sibling of a group. I took photos of her two older brothers in the past but I had yet to catch this little lady alone. Her mom, my cousin, had me come over when one older brother was in school and the other was napping for a one on one session with this cutie little girl. She is SO Daddy's girl- not only does she look just like him, she said Da Da the whole time!!

And as anyone who follows my work knows, I'm just a sucker for mommy and baby moments. The natural moody light in these just make these next two shots so great!

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Sara said...

I LOVE the picture of her near the top when she's looking at her feet with the brown hat on. That is too precious.