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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Just Because

Do you need a reason to have photos taken? An event, milestone, occasion? What if you don't have any reason but you still want beautiful photos taken of yourself? Just do it! Just Because!

Take a day to yourself- get pampered- hair, makeup the whole nine yards. It's kind of a new spin on the "spa day"!

Here are some behind the scenes photos of a recent "Just Because" photo shoot I did...Doesn't getting your hair and make up done look just luxurious?! 

There is something about this next photo- I'm just completely in love with this image!!!

And nothing says fashion and beauty like a fantastic pair of shoes!!

So after the hair is curled and the makeup applied...what's next?? FABULOSITY- that's what!! 

So the next time you need a day to yourself "Just Because", get pampered, get beautiful and get some great portraits of yourself!

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