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Saturday, December 18, 2010

We all remember Brittany, from this fall!!?? Yes of course...her gorgeous photos from the Empire State Plaza!! She rocked her shoot and they are some of my all time favorites. In case you forgot, here was one from that shoot...

Well, Brittany has a little sister, and I'm willing to bet that ever since I shot those photos, Emily has been longing to get her photos done too! Well....what better time to do a photo shoot than Christmas time?! These two sweet girls got photos taken of themselves as gifts for their parents- what a GREAT idea!

It was a VERY cold day, but so absolutely worth it. The little amount of snow cover we had was so beautiful and the flurries that popped up while we were shooting totally got us all in the holiday mood!

So Brittany is now obviously a comfortable in front of the camera does she look!!?

And here's her very awesome little sis...also a natural and my camera loved her!

These two braved the cold and took every advantage to snuggle up to get warm. 

 Yea- like I was COLD!!!
Good thing I found this blanket in my house to let them wrap up in! I think it was a nice touch

A little goofing around sometimes makes the best photos. I think their parents will LOVE this one!

Just the sweetest! 

 Merry Christmas Mom and Dad!!

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