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Monday, December 20, 2010

Blue Eyed Boys

Had I known ahead of time, about the electric blue eyed boys I'd  be photographing, I would have been unable to sleep the night before! These two little boys were just too cute for words! Melissa contacted me after talking to a mom of two other little boys I had worked with a few months ago. Turns out they're just another family I have a VARIETY of connections to. I went to the same high school as dad, and have mutual friends with him as well. My sister grooms their dog etc etc etc. It's such a small world and I love making connections like that!

So without further adieu, I introduce you to the Lurie family! While their older son got a "break" from shooting and got to watch a little TV, I took the opportunity to catch some sweet moments with just mom, dad and the new baby Jack.

Then I grabbed Paul again and he hammed it up for me. I guess a little cartoon break was SO worth it!

I love getting cute shots of siblings like these. It makes me think of how my girls will interact together when they're older.

And these eye...come on- I can't stand it!!!

And we can't forget Hogan- the second Pug I photographed that weekend. Just too cute to resist!

Thank you Lurie's for inviting me into your home! 

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